Jobs site Glassdoor has launched a tool that will allow employees to rate their satisfaction with the diversity and inclusion (D&I) policies of their former or current employers. Workers will provide a rating of between zero to five based on career opportunities, work-life balance, compensation and benefits and senior management. CEO Christian Sutherland-Wong explained that the addition of the numerical value of the D&I metrics will empower employees by giving them a collective voice.

Glassdoor was motivated to launch the new tool because of the findings of the August survey conducted by The Harris Poll. The result showed that 76% of employees and job seekers consider having a diverse workforce as very important when evaluating job offers. Thirty-two percent of the respondents also said they would not apply to a company that lacks workforce diversity. More importantly, the survey found that 66% of them trust employee ratings the most when it comes to understanding a company’s D&I policies.

Another survey from TopResume found that employees and job seekers rank company culture as the most important factor in evaluating a job offer. Amanda Augustine, a career expert at TopResume, commented that the transparency resulting from Glassdoor’s new tool could have the two-fold impact of informing workers and holding employers accountable. In recent trials of the new D&I tool, Salesforce received the highest employee rating of 4.6. It is followed by Google with 4.4, Accenture with 4.2, Facebook with 4.2, Amazon with 4.1 and Starbucks also with 4.1.

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