The sneaker craze has been around for decades. Back in the eighties, when the limited edition trend hit the market, enthusiastic buyers pitched tents outside the stores overnight before the release date. They did all the hard work to grab the pairs first thing as the doors opened in the morning. The late nineties witnessed the internet shopping revolution, with reseller platforms such as eBay emerging as a secondary market. People who bought limited-edition sneakers for themselves saw a massive business opportunity and started buying them to make money with resale. The commercial angle led to the rise of sneaker bots, as buyers wanted to pick the best online without missing out on sales. Let us explain the immense potential of the technology for transforming online shopping.

How do sneaker bots work?

Essentially, shopping bots are advanced software applications that help you pick your favorite, limited-edition stuff online before the stocks run out. They only do what an average online shopper does with a mouse and keyboard, but they run a lot faster. If you are looking to try a bot shopping experience, here are the steps to follow.

  • You have to bot with your product selection (using the product URL), billing details, and shipping address before the scheduled product release
  • At the time of the release, you have to hit “run” on the bot
  • Once you get it into action, the bot navigates to the product page, keys in the shopping information and closes the purchase instantaneously

The speed of the process gives you a head start over hundreds of buyers who may be trying manually as soon as the product becomes available.

Evolution of sneaker bots

The early tools used for buying limited edition stuff online were automated click-bots that had a simple workflow. They worked on the principle of repeatedly adding a product to a shopping cart and clicking the buy button to ensure that the user could secure a pair just as it was released. Sellers like Seig Robotics have come a long way over the years, offering advanced bots with sophisticated features and capabilities that enhance shopping experiences manifold. The best part is that these are easy to use because they require little technical ability and knowledge. Moreover, you can easily buy one online if you are an avid collector or pick rare sneakers online for commercial purposes.

Are bots a worthy investment?

Bots are surely a worthy investment, whether you are someone who wants to flaunt a pair that no one has or only want to make money as a reseller. Most resellers are willing to spend on these tools because they often end up raking in a fortune with the investment. You can pick a bot online and open a big opportunity to make money by quickly buying collectors’ specials and selling them on premium. Take it as a business investment if you plan to make money as a reseller for the long haul.

As the online sneaker wars rage on, a bot can make you a clear winner. They are perfectly legal because they follow a normal checkout process, only doing it much, much faster. So, if you must have a rare pair, a bot is the way to go!

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