On Monday, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called for a global minimum corporate tax rate and $650 billion credit line for emerging economies. Below are the key takeaways

  1. America will create a stable and growing world economy that benefits the US economy
    1. If we grow our neighbors must grow
    2. Benefit if countries are more open
    3. 1990 40% of US exports went to Emerging economies. By 2020 it was 60%
  2. Fight poverty and promote a more inclusive economy that aligns more with our values
    1. Wealth Gap
    2. Unstable economies are a security risk to America
    3. Global Connectivity
    4. Corporate tax rate to the bottom
    5. Global Health risks
  3. Climate Change
    1. Rejoining Paris Agreement
    2. Infrastructure
    3. G-20 Sustainable Finance Working Group

Diversity and Culture acceptance with core values were key

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