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While the nation might be quite lenient towards drug possession crimes, Texas doesn’t seem to care. It has, in fact, the harshest penalties if you are caught with drug possession. And if by any chance the charges prove to be against you, no one can stop you from going to prison.


But, hold on!


That’s not always the case. No one would ever dream of having a criminal record in their name. And if you are falsely accused, everything might seem chaotic. It’s understandable. First of all, to convict you in drug possession charges, they must have enough evidence against you.


So, what are the plausible scenarios where you can give a good fight against the drug possession arrest? Let’s find out now!


Flaws in The Protocol That Can Give You an Advantage


Imagine this. You were arrested for drug possession in Galveston, where you end up being harassed by law enforcement officers. The thought alone would be troubling, isn’t it? However, if you have a Galveston drug crime lawyer by your side, he/she will scrutinize every data that led to your arrest.


If you fall under the following criteria, your lawyer can present a strong case in your favor. These include:


  • If the search and seizure happen unlawfully. For instance, there was nothing on the dashboard, but still, the officers insisted on checking your locked trunk.
  • If they did not mention Miranda Rights where you can say that you wish to remain silent.
  • They did not send your samples for testing procedures to prove that you were mishandling the drugs in question.
  • There was no evidence, i.e., drugs, to prove that you possessed them.
  • You were set up by someone for the drug possession case (however, it’s very difficult to prove.


What next? Here are the series of steps that you must follow to get out of the drug possession case.


First steps- Hire a lawyer


Whether you are still under investigation or have already been charged with the possession, hiring a criminal lawyer with expertise in drug possession cases will help you devise the roadmap.


Make Sure to Talk to Only an Attorney


While you are obligated to share the name, DOB, or address with the law enforcement officers, you don’t have to provide answers to any of the questions. Remember, false confessions can lead to convictions. So, let your attorney intervene instead of you to help you navigate the issues seamlessly.


Know What to Say to Police


The best thing you can do under such circumstances is just notify the police that you would like a lawyer. Saying anything else, such as you don’t know anything or things like “you’re not involved,” might make your chances slim.


Wrapping up


Texas is getting tougher when it comes to drugs. No matter whether you are charged or not, you’ve all the right to ask for a fair representation. An attorney understands the laws and your position to provide you with the best advice for a better outcome.


So, make sure you contact one right away!

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