As per the data of Statista, in 2019, marketers spent around 176 billion dollars on TV advertising, 24 billion dollars on magazine advertisements, and 189 billion dollars on mobile ads. All this money just to elevate their sales. Most of these brands target youth as the audience in their advertisements. 


However, according to recent research, “Digital natives,”  also known as millennials or Gen-Z, do not respond to these ads. For them, these advertisements are just irritating and don’t influence them to purchase the product. Therefore now companies have to think about different techniques (in addition to the traditional one) to attract digital natives and increase brand visibility.


Scroll down to learn what these techniques are!



Podcasts are digital audio files that one can post on internet platforms. According to Statista, 49% of the young generation listens to podcasts to get information. So if you use your expertise and experience and start a podcast, it will help a lot. Here you can guide your listeners, give them some exciting insights into the industry or interview the other industry experts. 


The selection of the type of content totally depends on you. But one thing is sure: if your content is informative and entertaining, it will help promote your business. If you don’t want to start your own podcast, you can become an expert and be a part of others. Believe it or not, but sharing some piece of information can help you tremendously. 



Ever heard the phrase “you get what you give?” This is pretty much applicable in the business. When you do something good for society, they will appreciate that. In addition to the appreciation, they will also talk good about your company. Here word of mouth plays a significant role. 


Your good intentions and efforts to bring a change will help in enhancing the goodwill of your organization. Thus, people will feel a sense of pride in your company along with forming an emotional connection. This emotional connection will drive them to learn more about your company. 


Moreover, it is also an excellent way to attract positive media attention and unlock several networking opportunities. Thus, your one good deed can help you pull numerous benefits that too without spending thousands or millions of dollars. 



Sometimes all you need to do is inspire people with your story. Tell your target audience about all the struggles, opportunities, mistakes, and lessons that you have learned in your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. 


Your storytelling can create a significant influence in their mind. Because, when you tell a story, everyone related to it at different points builds a personal connection. Some people might get inspired, or some people might start trusting your company. 


Therefore, you should try to get in contact with a nearby school, university, or be a part of seminars. Or you can do it in your podcast too. However, don’t forget to record your speech as you can post it on your company website and social media platforms to grab more people’s attention. 


Press release 

As organizations use the new marketing techniques, they forget about the most powerful yet cost-effective marketing tool, i.e., press releases. A well-written press release can help spread the company message and can also be used in SEO. Moreover, you need not spend too many corporate resources on “writing” and “distribution” of the press releases. It is also a great way to interact with the media outlets and answer questions related to your company. 


That’s not it!


As a press release is written by the company and is targeted towards the media, you’ll get only positive coverage. Furthermore, you can also post positive reviews of media on your website and social media to increase the trust of your target audience. 


Social media contest

According to the data, more than 250 million people in the U.S. use social media. That means the chances of your target audience being a part of it are pretty high. Therefore, you should try to grab their attention. No! Not by promoting your product or service. Instead, you should host a social media contest to increase engagement. 


For example: if you own a chocolate company, you can ask your followers to create different recipes using chocolate, and the best one will win. Similarly, you can also do the quiz, and the person who gives accurate answers within a limited time frame will win. 


Note: Make sure that the contest is unique and the rule of the contest is clearly communicated. 


Guest blogging

Understand that content is the king of the digital world. So, if you want to rule over digital media, you need to provide quality content to the people. And for that, you can take the help of guest blogging. It is a technique to promote your business in a very subtle way by creating curiosity in readers’ minds using well-established platforms. 


Besides that, it is also a great way to elevate the SEO, as you get high web traffic and the ranking of the sites also increases. Moreover, the only secret that you need to learn is how to write informative and interactive content that creates a lasting impression on the reader’s mind. 


Positive Controversy

Generally, people associate the term controversy with negative reputations. However, that’s not the truth. Your company can indulge in a positive controversy by speaking about ethical things. In fact, it is a great way to fulfill the company’s corporate social responsibility and gain publicity. 


There are numerous topics on which you can give your opinion and gain positive outcomes. For instance, you can speak about animal rights and educate people about becoming vegan to save animals from cruelty. Similarly, you can talk about privacy rights and educate people about cybersecurity


Ensure that you are focusing on the solution when indulging in controversy, giving you positive outcomes. 


To sum it all up!

It is essential that your target audience knows about your presence, whether they purchase your product or not. And with all the techniques that we mentioned above, you’ll be able to elevate brand visibility of your product. 

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