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The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports (TIDES) awarded the National Football League (NFL) an overall grade of B for 2021. That is B-plus for racial hiring and C-plus for gender hiring. The NFL reached a record high of 38.8% women working at the NFL officer and 40.9% people of color serving as assistant coaches.

Richard Lapchick, TIDES director and lead author of the report, was impressed with how the NFL grades improved from B-minus last year to B this year, or from 79.1 to 81.8. He said it is hard to move that much with the report. Lapchick also said the league’s across-the-board improvements in many categories were definitely heartening.

The NFL got a C-plus for having five head coaches of color and another C-plus for having five general managers of color. At the league office, the NFL received an A-plus in racial hiring and B in gender hiring. Lapchick lauded the league’s efforts to improve its diversity. He mentioned its expansion of the Rooney Rule and the holding of a virtual manager forum named after Ozzie Newsome.

In a statement, the NFL said they remain committed to providing an environment where everyone can compete and thrive and ensuring there are equitable opportunities across the league for minorities and women, especially in leadership roles.

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