In this interview, GEP Worldwide senior director, procurement and supply chain consulting Daryl Watkins shares his personal styles and his company’s latest moves.

Watkins believes the retail industry has the best handle on the supply chain, and the apparel sector needs to invest in a similar capacity. His fashion icon is Michelle Obama because she has done an excellent job of being fashionable without being gaudy. He gives his loyalty to brands that value consumers and appreciates their choice to select their business.

The latest with GEP is a program to help clients with supplier diversity initiatives. The goals are to increase the number of companies in the supply chain owned by historically under-represented groups and increase the sponsoring company’s market share within the multicultural and diverse communities.

Under the program, GEP will analyze clients’ spending to understand where they stand on the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) goals. It will then develop diversity supplier growth initiatives for the clients, such as incentives and training programs.

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