Merck & Co., in collaboration with Beacon of Hope, will operate clinical with four Historically Black Medical Schools. Investigators and trial managers of color will conduct the trials involving patients from underrepresented populations.

In addition, the trials will include all dimensions of diversity. These include selecting trial sites with inclusion in mind, ongoing learning from subject matter experts and outreach and education tailored to communities. The participating schools are Morehouse School of Medicine, Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science, Meharry Medical College and Howard University College of Medicine.

According to Merck’s head of global clinical trial operations, Andy Lee, they are proud to participate in a collaboration focused on improving enrollment of underrepresented people in clinical to ensure that trials reflect the diversity of patients worldwide. Adrelia Allen, the senior director of clinical trial patient diversity, added that diversity is an essential part of Merck’s trial process, and it is their way of working.

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