The modern business landscape has changed dramatically in recent years, with an increasing focus on non-traditional projects such as carbon capture, hydrogen, and biodiesel. As a result, it’s more important than ever to collaborate and build new relationships within the supply chain to create smart solutions that address all aspects of safety, cost, schedule, and quality.

At Fluor, we recognize the need to broaden our supplier and contractor base to provide innovation and new ideas to meet these goals. That’s why we’ve created the Canadian Contractor and Supplier Relationship (CCSR) program, which allows us to engage with contractors and suppliers to develop new and efficient processes.

This program has resulted in identifying and providing increased opportunities for the representation of Indigenous, women, disability, and minority-owned businesses within our supply base. The benefits of diversifying our supply base are countless. Often these diverse businesses are local to the areas where projects are being developed, and proactive engagement with them can have a positive impact on the overall local economy of that area.

By expanding our supply base, we are able to provide clients with more competitive pricing and schedule options, and these diverse businesses may be able to provide the strongest fit for the project requirements. Fluor also has the opportunity to gain knowledge and innovative ideas from local suppliers that will better equip us to execute our projects in the most efficient and effective means possible.

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, building strong supplier relationships is essential for success. By continuing to engage new suppliers and contractors, we not only enhance our existing relationships but also foster an environment of future opportunity and potential growth for our clients, supply base, and organization. At Fluor, we understand the importance of collaboration and relationship building, and we are committed to meeting the challenges of the future through strong supplier relationships.

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