Corporate Profiles E-Book

    Summary: Looking for a way to support the team at Supplierty News?  Now you can with our first ever Supplierty News Corporate Profile E-Book.  Discover the supplier diversity and small business programs of corporations from around the world in top fields such as pharmaceuticals, mass media, telecommunications, aerospace, automotive, banking, insurance, retail, technology, and more.

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    Highlights:  Take 50(+1) Corporate Profiles offline with our first ever E-Book for Corporate Profiles!

    We have taken the information provided within our Corporate Profiles page and created an easy to use e-book which allows users to work with the information offline. Our new E-Book includes an interactive Table of Contents, definitions, preface, and more.

    Below is a quick snapshot of the data provided in our E-Book.

    Listed Industries:

    • Bio / Pharmaceuticals (6)
    • Mass Media,Entertainment, & Telecommunications (5)
    • Aerospace (4)
    • Automotive (4)
    • Banking & Finance (4)
    • Health / Insurance (4)
    • Retail (4)
    • Technology (4)
    • Food (3)
    • Conglomerate (2)
    • Hospitality (2)
    • Other (9)

    In addition, the following data has been provided within the corporate list below. Please note that just because the information is not included in this text, that does not mean the listed corporation does not manage information on the field missing.

    • 98% have Supplier Diversity Programs
    • 63% have Small Business Programs
    • 88% have Registration processes to connect with suppliers
    • 43% have a list of AvailableCategory / Bid Opportunities
    • 57% have Tier 2 Reporting Requirements
    • 67% have listed contact information
    • 80% have video overviews of program

    List of Corporations included in the E-Book CLICK HERE

    *All information provided in the E-Book is free on our website and can be found HERE.  The purpose of this offering is to help those people looking for a complete list to take offline. In addition it is also offered to those readers who are looking to support our news site in any way (which we appreciate.  After all it does take a lot of time to collect and post the information).

    Please note that we do not represent any organization listed in any way and merely provide this data as a way to inform our audience of opportunities within the supplier diversity, social procurement, and small business industries.  If you have any questions concerning the information listed please contact the corresponding organization directly.