Less than a month into the Presidency of Donald Trump and big changes have already started to take place. Hate him or like him, we can all agree that our President is changing the way things are done in the Federal Government. Whether his term will be a success or a failure, largely depends on his ability to work with liberals and come to some type of compromises on liberal issues. Despite the action happening now, the fact is President Trump can’t sign an executive order for everything. Because of this, liberal law-makers have an important question to ask themselves.

Should liberals focus on working with or against the current President of the United States?

If most Democrats and competing interests take the position that Republicans did for the past 4 years, than we can expect another antagonizing administration where little happens, negatively affecting Americans. The unfortunate fact about taking the position of “no” is that it works. As Republicans have showed, if you muddle the government process long enough, Americans will grow tired and ultimately throw power your way in an effort to shake things up. With that, if Democrats do the same thing, it will most likely result in a switch of power over the next 4 to 8 years.

But I don’t think Democrats should.

President Trump, despite is terrible terrible rhetoric, has put forth some decent ideas for economic growth. While some see his ideas such as the Mexican wall and international trade policy pull backs as extreme, the truth is Hilary Clinton proposed very similar action (although instead of a wall, she wanted a fence, which Trump has already stated will most likely happen). If Democrats can work with the Trump administration and scale back his more extreme methods there may be a very good opportunity for things to truly change in terms of the way our government is run.

But this is politics

Ultimately, I believe Democrats will fight Trump every step of the way. They will gain support from many left leaning Americans and try to take power back from an alternative Presidential candidate.

Whatever happens, at some point both parties have to stop their fighting for power. America isn’t about liberal or conservative views. It’s about how to best run the country. As a conservative, I understand that many younger individuals are more liberal leaning, and that’s ok. Any form of government can work under the right checks and balances. If both parties can work together regardless of who is President, alot of good can be achieved. The Trump administration has a great opportunity to do just that, but it is up to our President to be the first to reach across the isle for support.